Fun for Fido: Dog Park Equipment from PDPlay

Kids aren’t the only ones having fun on the playground!

PDPlay is proud to present a new line of dog park equipment designed to help stimulate physical and mental activity.  Made from the same recycled HDPE as our playground components, PDPlay’s dog park equipment will keep your pup both happy and healthy.

Dog Park Equipment 1

With PDPlay’s dog park equipment, multiple play elements can be assembled in any configuration to create a doggy obstacle course for promoting balance, agility, and fitness.  Additionally, it can provide an opportunity for dogs to get the vital exercise and socialization they need, which are two major factors in reducing behavioral issues.  Time well spent at the dog park can help guard dog’s against the development of fear and aggression problems around other people and animals.

Pet parents can benefit from the dog park too!  In addition to providing a venue to exercise dogs without much effort, dog parks give owners the opportunity to bond and play with their dogs, practice off-leash training skills, and enjoy to the entertaining antics of frolicking dogs.

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